Wednesday, 14 November 2012

TATOC Cold Callers List

Apologies for this being a  little later than normal, but here is the monthly list from TATOC® highlighting the companies who have been reported to them for cold calling timeshare owners during October 2012.

As ever, we would advise extreme caution if you have any dealings with any of these companies, or any company that calls you out of the blue involving your timeshare ownership.  If you have any concerns about the legitimacy, or otherwise, of a company or individual then the TATOC consumer helpline is there to help.  They can be phoned on 0845 230 2430.

  • Abitus
  • Absolute Solutions
  • Been Miss Sold
  • Blue Chip
  • Blue Flag Solutions 
  • Blue Flag Travel
  • Carmar
  • City Settlements
  • Club Class Concierge
  • Continental Connections
  • Direct Consultancy Group
  • Direct Resort Promotions
  • Emerald Rock Holdings
  • Excalibur
  • Exosulting Limited
  • Express Claims Europe S.l
  • Extra time on line
  • Eze Group 
  • Greenges
  • H.M.R.C
  • Half Moon Holdings
  • HM Promotional Holidays
  • Holiday Marketing Solutions 
  • I.T.R.A
  • Imperial Strength
  • Inspirations Group 
  • JD Knight Association
  • Lettings Direct Eu
  • Martin Bower Group
  • Moncasa Property Sales
  • Odyssey Group
  • Palm Travel Solutions
  • Professional Services International
  • Reclaim Consultants S.l
  • Resorts Direct
  • Silver Lining Security
  • Superior Resorts
  • TDE Services
  • The Inspirations Group
  • The National Claims Group
  • Timeshare Disposal
  • Timeshare Refund Network
  • Timeshare Trading UK
  • Timeshare Transfers Ltd
  • Travel Solutions
  • TS World
  • Universal Travel Market
  • Vacation Investment Solution
  • Verity Claims Ltd
  • Viva Connect
  • Waterord Property Management
  • West Management
  • ZE Consultants
  • ZE Enterprises Ltd

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