Friday, 7 December 2012

RDO Teams Up With Online Specialists

European timeshare body the Resort Development Organisation (RDO) is protecting its name – and that of the industry – by joining forces with an online reputation management company.

The three-month trial deal with Kwikchex is effective from December 2012 and will be monitored by the RDO's Communications Council. The initiative could then be extended at the end of the pilot phase subject to approval by the Council and the Board.

Kwikchex co-founder Chris Emmins has over 20 years of experience advising some of the world's best known companies and senior political figures on the best ways to promote and protect their reputations – better known as crisis management. Kwikchex works with industries that have legacy problems on the internet, timeshare being a prime example of an industry that is constantly under attack, suffering from defamation and distortion of the truth on a regular basis whether by rogue operators or one-man bands.

Its main strategy will be to underpin the RDO’s work by producing a resource through Trustchex, an online proof of quality accreditation. This will be the definitive way for consumers and the media to check the veracity of information on businesses, their standards and their legitimacy.

The company works closely with the authorities and is highly influential with the media, correcting false, malicious and distorted online material and assisting consumers by providing accurate information and identifying and taking action against rogues and fraudsters.

 Another important element of its remit is to target fraudsters and ensure that swift and vigorous action is taken against them – for instance if they are in violation of laws that govern how they can advertise on sites such as Google, the aim will be to ensure their websites are closed down. Given its influence in the media, Kwikchex can more easily persuade them to run features on scams and the authorities to take swift action.

Kwikchex itself has appeared on TV in many countries including the UK, the US and other parts of Europe. It also regularly contributes to radio shows such as You & Yours on the BBC. There have been over 1,000 articles around the world in the last two years that have reported on the way Kwikchex uses verification to tackle the issues of distortion on the internet.

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