Wednesday, 16 January 2013

CLC Aquire Resort Solutions Ltd

Resort Solution Limited's (RSL) Linda Freer and Club La Costa's (CLC) Martyn Aldridge are pleased to announce that CLC Resort Management division has acquired the Resort Solutions Limited resort management business.

The acquisition by CLC will enable RSL to offer further services and expertise to RSL resort clients and with CLC support and capital RSL will be actively seeking further resort management and service contracts to expand RSL business interests. The RSL business will remain as an autonomous resort management operation under the immediate management of the existing RSL staff, Linda Freer as Consultant and Brad Revell Managing Director.

The business looks forward to working with RSL’s existing clients and to expanding and working with new clubs and potential acquisitions in the near future.

CLC Resort Management, the resort operations arm of Club La Costa, operating various resorts and hotels in Europe , particularly the UK, Spain and Turkey and more recently the USA, and servicing 40,000 CLC member families.

Resort Solutions, an independent timeshare resort management company operating resorts in Spain, Lanzarote, Portugal the UK and France on behalf of independent timeshare owners committees representing over 10,000 member families.

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