Monday, 7 January 2013

TATOC cold callers list December 2012

TATOC have today published the December 2012 list of companies reported to their helpline by members of public as having cold called them.

As ever, we would like to reminder readers that they should use extreme caution when dealing with any company that calls them out of the blue.  If you have not initiated that contact with the company, we would suggest you have no dealing with them and simply hang up.
  • Action Services International
  • Alpine Horizans
  • Blue Flag Solutions 
  • Blue Flag Travel
  • Breakaway Marketing Solutions 
  • Bright Enterprises
  • Carlton J Williams Escro
  • Credit Me Back
  • European Solution Services
  • Excalibur
  • Gateway Equity Solutions
  • Gateway Solutions
  • Gazteiz Construcciones
  • Gift Company
  • Global Link Management
  • Golden Sail Services
  • Greenges
  • Half Moon Holdings
  • I.T.R.A
  • Legal Timeshare
  • Multi Claims
  • Official Transfer Service
  • Resale Consultancy Services
  • Simple Property Marketing Solutions 
  • Summer Sun International
  • Sunny Reservations
  • Sunset Promotions 
  • Timeshare Litigation Centre
  • Timeshare Refund Network
If you have any concerns about a company you can seek assistance from TATOC's consumer helpline on 0845 230 2430 or by email at

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