Tuesday, 26 March 2013

RCI Survey Finds The British Prefer The Familiar

British travellers are loyal customers, with more than 50 per cent having returned to the same holiday resort three or more times.

British resident are officially creatures of habit. According to a new RCI survey released by RCI, more than half (57%) of Brits have returned to the same destination, hotel or resort on holiday three or more times and more than 80% have returned to the same resort or destination at least once.

Confirming that people like to know what to expect when it comes to their holidays, more than a third (36%) have returned to the same holiday resort four times or more and, 13% of respondents said they had returned to the same resort at least five times.

Sean Lowe, managing director of RCI said: “We commissioned the research to gain insight into people’s holiday habits and what is important is guaranteeing they have a good time.

“While travelling and trying different experiences has its own advantages, it’s apparent that ensuring a consistent quality and knowing what you’re buying is important to many – which is why timeshare holidays and holiday exchange have remained popular.

“Over a third (35%) of the people we surveyed who ‘repeat holiday’, said they would actually try a different holiday if they knew they would get a similar experience.”

The main reason respondents cited for returning to the same resort was that they had a good time there and went back to have the same holiday (60%). Other reasons stated were that people felt it met all their criteria (39%) and nearly a third (31%) said they didn’t see a need to go elsewhere if they had already found somewhere they liked. Respondents also stated they went back to the same place because they liked familiarity (21%) or found it less stressful knowing exactly what to expect where they are going (18%).

In terms of regional habits, people in the North East are most likely to repeat a holiday, with 45% saying they have been on the same holiday four times or more compared to Northern Ireland, which had the lowest number likely to return to the same resort – only 25% having gone back to the same resort four times or more.

With over a third of people (36%) now taking fewer holidays than normal, it seems holidaymakers want to remove the risk of having a disappointing break. Returning to somewhere they have been before and enjoyed seems to have been given higher priority than having different experiences.

Other holiday habits:
  • ‘Familiar fun’ – nearly a third (31%) of people tended to do the same activities on their repeat holiday
  • ‘Meal monogamy’ – four in ten (40%) people surveyed said they went back to the same place to eat/drink with 8% saying they ordered the same meals
  • ‘Bay Watch’ – one in 20 (5%) people said they actually wait and then take the first opportunity to get their usual spot on the beach or by the pool.
The research for RCI was carried out online by Opinion Matters between 22/02/2013 and 28/02/2013 amongst a panel resulting in 1,165 respondents.

Source: www.rciventures.com HERE

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